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The routine laboratory animal strains owned by the Institute have been transferred to Beijing Huafukang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. For more information, please contact our Business Office at +86-10-60758158; 60753558.

The varieties and strains of laboratory animals used in the field of life science research in China are mainly those introduced from abroad, such as BALB/ C mouse, C57BL/6 mouse, ICR mouse, SD rat, Wistar rat, Hartley guinea pig, Beagle dog, etc. There are more than 30 varieties and more than 100 strains of laboratory animals (including laboratory animals) commonly used in China.

According to incomplete statistics, mice (54%), ground squirrels (24%), rats (13%), rabbits (5%) and other laboratory animals produced the most in China. 11 strains of mice, 7 strains of rats, 2 strains of ground mouse, guinea pig and laboratory dog are commonly used. Rabbits are mainly big-eared white rabbits and New Zealand rabbits, while other animals include monkey, cat, chicken and miniature pig. In terms of production and supply, Beijing and Shanghai have become the cities with the largest scale of production and use of laboratory animal , and are also the main producing areas for mice and rats.