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 Comprehensive Introduction:


The genetic engineering animal creation platform of the Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences is equipped with a complete set of gene modification technology systems, including transgenic mice, large-segment transgenic mice, gene knockout, gene knock-in and so on, which possesses a professional team of animal model development and disease phenotype analysis of mouse disease gene engineering. In the past five years, the platform has provided more than 100 domestic research institutions, universities and hospitals with the creation services of genetically modified mice. With the support of the platform, they have published a series of high-level papers, including Nature immunology, PNAS, Immunity, Blood, etc. In terms of the gene editing technology system in rats, they used CRISPR/Cas9 technology to establish conditional knockout rats for the first time. The "two-target, single-donor" technology strategy they established has improved the efficiency of accurate gene editing in rats to 30%, and has been widely used by international peers. It is considered as the key technology of rat gene editing by the International Committee for the Nominating of Mouse Gene Modification. With the support of the national science and technology support plan and major research and development projects, more than 170 kinds of genetically engineered rat models have been developed. Relevant resource information can be inquired and shared through the website www.ratresource.com.


Service Content:


(1) The customized services of genetically modified rats and mice include transgenic, systemic knockout, conditioned knockout, gene knockout, point mutation, humanization and more complex multiple shooting, etc.

(2) Cryopreservation of mouse sperm; In vitro fertilization in mice.


 Published papers on the support platform of Genetic Engineering Animal Creation:


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