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Molecular imaging platform analysis platform is one of the imaging platforms with the highest equipment configuration and the most extensive scientific research sharing in China, and the application of laboratory animal imaging is in a leading position in China.


It has provided many kinds of laboratory animal model image data collection and image data analysis work for nearly 100 scientific research institutions and hospitals in China. The platform has 7T small animal MRI, small animal CT, small animal ultrasound imaging, small animal in vivo optical imaging, small animal 3D near infrared fluorescence /CT and other most advanced small animal specific high-resolution molecular imaging equipment.


Quantitative analysis and evaluation of molecular imaging can be performed on animal models of various tumors, heart diseases, vascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, bone diseases and other diseases. In vitro and in vivo imaging and analysis of new multimodal contrast agents can be performed and a complete set of animal experimental solutions can be provided. The platform is also equipped with 3D image processing software such as AMIRA6.0 and IRW3.0 and image workstation, which can perform segmentation and 3D rendering of experimental images and a series of digital image processing services.


Contact number: 010-67787336;Contact: Gao Kai.