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Comprehensive Introduction:


Infectious diseases research platform is the unique multi-dimensional and comprehensive infectious disease animal model technology platform with multi-species, multi-diseasethat integrating non-human primates, rodents and other characteristic species in China.


Based on animal models of multi-species and multi-pathogen diseases, a complete technical system for the development and analysis of animal models of infectious diseases has been established, which has reached the international advanced level in terms of integration, systematization and standardization. The first animal model database of infectious diseases in China has been established, with 105 animal species/strains susceptible to pathogens and 95 animal models of infectious diseases, which has fundamentally reversed the shortage of animal model resources of infectious diseases and successfully guaranteed the prevention and control of infectious diseases in China. The technology system of standardized preclinical transformation was set up depending on animal models, which became the core support condition of transformation from basic research of infectious diseases in China to clinic, and provided pharmacodynamics and safety evaluation for the first SARS vaccine, China's first H1N1 vaccine, China's first hand-foot-and-mouth disease vaccine and drugs, China's first H7N9 vaccine, almost half of China's AIDS vaccine or drug; By putting forward using animal model, screening effective drugs of infectious diseases from medicine available in the market, and expanding drugs clinical indication method, they established the drug storehouse in multiple quickly in the event of an outbreak to provide effective treatment for clinical treatment and short the time of the disease treatment, which effectively support the China to establish the system of prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, and laboratory animal subject plays an exemplary role of taking the initiative to protect people's health and biological safety.


Service and Technology Support: 


Animal models of infectious diseases are established through the infectious disease research platform, including AIDS animal model (rhesus monkeys),  animal models (ferrets, mice, etc.) of different subtypes of influenza a virus (H1N1 and H3N2, H5N1, H7N9), latent TB infection/animal model of acute/chronic/resistant (mice, guinea pigs, tree shrews), viral hepatitis animal models (the marmot, transgenic mice), , animal models of respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the Middle East (marmoset, DPP4, mice), hand-foot-and-mouth virus (EV71 and CA16) in mice and transgenic animal models in mice. Animal models can be used to evaluate the therapeutic effect of drugs, vaccines and antibodies and to study the mechanism.


Early warning system of multi-species propagation and aerosol propagation

Create animal models of different disease progression and drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis

An animal model of MERS marmosete

Evaluation on the attenuated strain of recombinant vaccine, the first domestic intellectual property in China, and the effect evaluation of humanized antibody

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