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Comparative Medical Information Service Platform (Information Platform)

Established in September 2012, the Comparative Medical Information Platform of Institute of Laboratory Animal, Sciences of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, affiliated to the Information Center of the Institute, is a technology platform for big data analysis of laboratory animals and comparative medicine. There are 5 staff members, including 1 distinguished professor and 1 associate researcher.


Development goal of the platform is to realize the integration of laboratory animal resources, animal resources of genetic engineering, animal models, laboratory animal disease monitoring, animal laboratory data, comparative genomics, comparative proteomics, comparative metabonomics resources, and big data resources of comparative medicine , in order to carry out the laboratory animal informatics, comparative bioinformatics, standardization of laboratory animals, animal welfare research, the introduction of international laboratory animals and big data resources of comparative medicine, which provide a large database construction, data mining and biological information analysis, information consulting services for institute and industry peers.


The comparative medical information platform has completed the construction of model animal database, the establishment and standardization of human disease animal model resource database, the investigation of laboratory animal resources, the construction of laboratory animal standardization system, the comparative medical big data platform, laboratory animal pedigree database, laboratory biosafety management and animal welfare and other research work. It undertakes more than ten research projects such as national 863 project, major special project, industry special project and medical innovation project. There were 40 articles have been published , including 8 SCI papers, 17 compiled books. In 2014, they won a second prize of Science and Technology Award of Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences. In February 2016, they won a second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Education.


The main services of the platform include : (1) construction of database related to comparative medicine; (2) statistics of animal laboratory data; (3) comparative bioinformatics analysis; (4) comparative medicine related scientific and technological literature retrieval service; (5) comparative medical science and technology consulting services; (6) professional website construction services, etc