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Comprehensive Introduction:

Using mice and rats with severe immune deficiency (no T, B, or NK cells), a mouse model with human immune system was constructed by transplanting human PBMC, CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) or human thymus tissue. Human HSC cells can develop into a variety of human immune cells in severely immunodeficient mice, capable of producing functional immune responses under the stimulation of pathogens, and have associated clinical symptoms of disease.


Services and Technology Support:

On the basis of this model, the platform has carried out the following tasks or models: establishing the humanized mouse model infected by HIV and EBV , and gradually carrying out the relevant researches on the pathogenesis of HIV and EBV and antiviral drugs; Tumor model and tumor model with immune system; To study the development and function of human cells.


Model 1(huCD34) : humanized mice transplanted with hematopoietic stem cells (CD34+)


Model 2(huBLT) : humanized mice transplanted with CD34+HSC and thymus


Model 3(huPB) : humanized mice transplanted with PBMC


Application of humanized mouse model 1: HIV infection model


Application of humanized mouse model 1: a tumor model of the anthropogenic system


Contact Information:

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